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AI in Manufacturing
Uptime is a collection of thought-provoking articles for manufacturers exploring AI and IIoT solutions to achieve operational excellence on the factory floor. Our team of strategists and data scientists at Spyglass share their best practices and curate the best of the web for you. In this month’s edition, we focus on the exciting things happening here at Spyglass and in the industry around AI and how you can take a lean approach to implementing AI to ensure success.
This Month's Blogs
Announcing Spyglass Visual Inspection
We are excited to announce the release of Spyglass Visual Inspection. Our analytics solution harnesses the power of AI, IoT, and machine vision to enable manufacturers to intelligently minimize defects and reduce the costs associated with manufacturing flaws. Our foundational customer, a global glass manufacturer, is achieving $1M in quarterly savings and the solution is now available in Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure marketplaces.
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CEO to CEO Series: The Magic of AI
In the second edition of our CEO to CEO series, Spyglass CEO, Phil Morris shares his perspective on the profound impact AI is having in addressing manufacturing problems. For Phil, this goes way beyond predictive maintenance and falls into entirely new categories of opportunity that lie within reach today or just beyond it.
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This event for manufacturing leaders is happening Mar. 26th-27th in Chicago. Microsoft and Spyglass join together to help attendees explore solution to connect the factory floor to Microsoft Azure and create actionable insights aimed to reduce downtime and improve quality. If you’re interested in attending, we may be able to secure you a complimentary pass to the event courtesy of Microsoft – please reply to inquire.
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Best of AI and IIoT on the Web

Lean expert talks about how data not only helps you see problems but "quantify opportunities".

7-pt increase in companies with an active IIoT program—from 38% in early 2015 to 45% at the end of 2018.


Forbes on why many new AI initiatives fail

Great article on how to avoid this fate - the key is to start small so you can prove value at each stage.

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