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Uptime is a collection of thought-provoking articles for manufacturers exploring AI and IIoT solutions to improve uptime on the factory floor. Our team of strategists and data scientists at Spyglass share their best practices and curate the best of the web for you. In this month’s edition, we lead with a 3-part series that dives into OEE and how real-time OEE analytics can help you address gaps in production performance.
This Month's Blogs
A 3-part Series: Driving Manufacturing Performance with OEE
By Mark Adelman, National Engagement Manager
In this 3-part series, we respond to an @IndustryWeek article that looks at why OEE is important to measure in real-time to address performance gaps in production, even in a multi-site company. We share lessons learned working with small and large manufacturers today to create real-time OEE analytics to address asset reliability, product quality and scrap reduction.
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Let’s Face It: IIoT Requires Teamwork
By Peter Darragh, EVP Product Engineering
Our EVP explores how to gain real value from an IIoT investment by getting the team involved. He shares 3 learnings: 1) IIoT data flows across multiple responsibilities, 2) IIoT requires subject matter experts with different perspectives to succeed, and 3) If you don’t have the team involved, you can waste time and money on capital expenses that collect the wrong data or deliver the wrong insights.
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By Joe Guy, COO
Market Research firm IoT Analytics reports that >450 IoT Platforms companies have entered the market serving all industries over the past year. With so much choice, what should you consider when selecting IIoT solutions for your connected operations initiatives? Our COO cuts through the noise and lays out the 5 top considerations to help you narrow your search.
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Best of AI and IIoT on the Web
"It [was] not uncommon to have clipboards attached to machines for manual recording of…OEE"

OEE, Uptime, Reject Ration and other top performance indicators for measuring your production process.
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