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Happy New Year! Going Faster in 2019
Uptime is a collection of thought-provoking articles for manufacturers exploring AI and IIoT solutions to improve uptime on the factory floor. Our team of strategists and data scientists at Spyglass share their best practices and curate the
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By Phil Morris, CEO
Our CEO hears from operational executives every day that they are concerned about the potential value to be gained by connected factory. When OT and IT systems come together, they are concerned about capital intensive projects where the return is not clear return at the outset. Phil Morris describes 3 incremental steps any manufacturer can take today that builds on their OT and drives value in a cost-effective way.
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By Phil Morris, CEO
A purchased solution can be difficult to customize exactly the way you would like, but if you build an IIoT solution in-house, do you accept the cost, complexity, and development risks? How can you have the best of both options. This blog post dives in to how you can have your cake and eat it too.
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